Wednesday, February 28, 2007

March 1st 2007 In the Beginning

Hey All,

The time has come for me to begin the blogging process for practice so when I get to Africa I might have an idea of what I am doing.

What will I do while I am there? Good question! Well, I am going to teach music and help a missionary by the name of Janine with short term mission teams as they come to help the Ray Of Light project in Dondo. I have so much to learn and so much to pray about before I go. Not to mention I have a lot of money to raise for support for while I am there. My plan is to stay for around 4 months. It doesn't seem like it is so long right now but I know that there will be times that it will seem like forever being away from my kids and Grandkids. I love them so much! And I will have a new grandchild by the time I get home. My daughter is due to have a baby, #4 in June while I am gone. I am thankful for the internet so I will be able to see this little guy soon after he is born. Well, this is it! This is my first time! God bless you all who read this. May God show His supernatural favor on you.