Saturday, June 27, 2009

Dancing is the Delight of my Day!

Dancing Is The Delight of My Day!

Baby dedications are plentiful here. On any given Sunday we have an opportunity to go to dance, sing and celebrate the gift of a new life.

As we settled into the area and waited, it wasn't long before Noemia walked into the neighborhood and we all knew that the activities would soon begin. Seats of honor are lined around a serving table for the men, Noemia and the other Missionaries. I would rather sit on the ground with my girlfriends but it is not appropriate here.

If you have never met Noemia she is a woman who stands a head taller than most women here and everyone knows who she is. Noemia is Pastor Jeronimo's wife and together they have the vision, the dream of how the culture will one day be changed here in this small village of Mafahrina. Every parent wants this same vision for their child. A chance to make a difference, an education, something to help their child get out of the rut of the deep and stubborn poverty that is here. And, the real vision of the Cessito's is to give the children the knowledge of Christ. To change their hearts, to lessen the population of the families that are dying with AIDS. To give them a hope of eternal life, a true relationship with Jesus.

This is the reason why I love it here. Once you have heard the vision that God has given them, it then becomes ours. This is the reason why I want to walk along side of Noemia and Jeronimo here on the sandy soil of Mozambique. I want to be part of this vision, to help carry out a work that God has already begun, to change a culture, to change a nation, to change a world. We have to have Jesus, He is coming back soon! Maranatha!

Monday, June 1, 2009

12 days in Mozambique

Dear Beloved Friends and Family

Just like in the 12 days of Christmas, living each day here in Dondo finds a surprise. Good things and hard things as well, each day has been a learning process to steady ourselves for this culture and for this time.

I have gotten my first time ever speeding ticket, a new cell phone that doesn’t work, found that a friend has died, paid too much for too many things, been tricked into buying extra containers for water, had to buy a new tire, had a bad gas tank for the stove, people beg for food, money and for work, bought fresh shrimp brought to the house on the back of a bike, bought a refrigerator, two beds, nets and lots and lots of food for the soon to be here Americans. We are just about as ready as we can get without anyone being here to tell me I forgot something☺

Everyday has been full. We have been blessed because we are protected and healthy. We are able to see God working each day, sometimes moment by moment here. We love the people here, the life and our work.

I trust that you are continuing to pray for the work we do here. Thank you so much for your support in so many ways. I will try to each week post a blog, so stay tuned to walking the sandy soil of Mozambique.