Sunday, May 24, 2009

Hello my dear ones,

How are you today? I am fine:) Thanks be to God. That would be something that we say here each time we see each other .... como esta? tudo bem.... eu bom.. gracias a Deus.

The last couple of days have been a time of getting myself rested and ready for the work to begin. Even though we have done inventories and making arrangements and plans for when the teams come the time has been good seeing people bit by bit. The Cessito's are doing well and their vision has even expanded more from what we knew last year and this is good as God's plans are always growing and developing.

Saturday we drove into Beira the port city to buy a few things and a cell phone. I ran to the open market to see my veggie lady and there was a young woman there and I said with much enthusiasm, "where is Farita?" Her daughter answered, "Farita is my mother and she died." I couldn't breathe for a moment and tears filled my eyes as I stood there with my mouth open. It took a moment and I said, "I am so sorry" and I walked out the door. I had to remind myself that life is hard here, people die, they die often in our circle of friends, but God has the master plan. I don't know if Farita is in heaven, I didn't talk to her about Jesus, we only talked about church. My hope is that I don't let too many more days go by that I only talk about church and that I don't waste time to talk about Jesus. Pray that I will know when the right time is to talk, pray that other's trusting me will come easy, pray the relationships will grow quickly. Time is running out. Pray that I am in the Father's will.