Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The time to leave is drawing near!

I can't believe that this year has gone by so quickly! It seems like I just get home and I start to prepare for the coming trip and before you know it..... it's here. I am to the point of this process that I have to start removing activities of my schedule to be free to think about and work on the things that are of importance for being out of the country for 3-4 months. Speaking of which, my plane ticket is scheduled to have me back in country August 16th. The beginning plan was to have me home for our family reunion, but I'm thinking that staying for the Women's conference might be the deal for this year.

Hundred's of women gather for the Sofala Baptist Women's Convention each year and it is a sight to behold! Each church has it's own tribal dress and dance that they perform at their own appointed time. Then there are groups who join together and learn a dance and show their gifts. Then towards the end of three days, all of the women who would want to participate, join in together, learn a dance and they all together perform a dance for all to view. This is an important part of the conference. This is an act of worship to God, to worship Him, to give thanks to Him, to love on others and to know that each day is another gift. Life is hard in Africa. Everyday is hard.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Obedience Now!

I just received my support report from the office and I look at this form on the screen of my computer and I am amazed at the names I see before my eyes! Old friends.... loved ones... new friends, just a small group of folks that God has privileged me with over the years to call them my people. But the thing that makes me smile more than anything else is that they listened to God speak to them. They answered a whisper in their ear. They were obedient to obey the voice of the Master. Supporting a missionary is not about the person who goes.... it's not about where they go.... I believe it is about obeying God. It's the knowing that all we have we do not own. You can not out give God. God calls... we answer! We call.... God answers! You just gotta love the Lord! He is so good:)