Thursday, January 28, 2010

Having My Parents...

After traveling through Texas to a staff meeting with CRI and then on to Tomball to speak to a mission's committee Val and I have landed in Mesa, AZ. to spend a few nights with my parents. I am blessed to still have my parents, they are in their 80's and going to be married 60 years this May.

When I was a kid, I was considered a "handful," and that was putting it mildly. I certainly gave my parents every grey hair on their head. If children would have been diagnosed with ADHD at that time I would have fallen into that category I suppose. I left home at 17 from the supper table after saying "I'm moving out of this place!" and my Dad saying, "well, get your bags and get on your way!" Dad and I didn't quite see eye to eye on many matters. But today 40 years later, it is much different.

Today a visit with my parents is fun and usually filled with laughter. You can find us on any given occasion watching either a CUBS baseball game or some basketball game or anything that would be sports related. They are just fun people to be with.
Dad and Mom tell stories and they help each other remember how it all goes adding their own bit to completion. I think I have heard the same stories over and over and somehow they change a little from time to time but they are so cute. They help each other remember their multiple pills, where they have been and when playing cards whose turn it is. Mom can remember names if Dad can prompt her with who their kids are. Dad still holds the door for Mom and she still thinks he is the best man she could have ever married. They are just sweet to be around. They have been a good example to me in how to grow old well.

I have friends who have lost their parents and I always think that I am so blessed to have these two around yet. They make my life full. I don't know how much longer they will be here but I am cherishing every moment for now. Living in Mozambique during the summer I need to make these winter trips to see them. God bless my parents. Thank you Lord for their lives.

Job 12:12 Is not wisdom found among the aged? Does not long life bring understanding?

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Here's The Deal.....

Here's the deal beloved friends and family, I am honestly going to try and make this thing happen on a regular basis...... blogging, UGH! I am not a writer nor do I claim to be and who in their right mind would want to follow a retired, overweight, short, missionary around the world?

I do have to admit to you all that I have the best job in the entire world....... that would be in the entire world and I get to experience some of the coolest things. So I am going to leave it up to you and your good senses as to whether or not you want to follow me on the journey of my life.

The most amazing thing about living as a missionary is that God puts before me some of the coolest people! People that I would never met had I not left Quaker after 32 years and 7 months I might add and follow God's leading to move to Mozambique. My life at Quaker was full, rich and fun but can not hold a candle stick to living life in Africa. I feel totally blessed and grateful that I had the years I did at Quaker because God has set me up with some skills and preparation for going on the field.

Another place that God had me be for missionary preparation was the Mission Of Hope across from hippie Hy-Vee on 1st. Ave. in Cedar Rapids. There I learned more about ministering to those who are hurting and without much hope. I love the people there! I believe that each step and each person has been part of the process of learning and taking me to the next level of where God has taken me and is going to take me.

If you have been part of my life process, thank you. Thank YOU for loving me, helping me become the person that I am and continuing to follow my life. Blessings to you above and beyond what you could have ever hoped for or imagined!!!