Friday, November 2, 2007

3 Angels in one day

I have had a wonderful experience this past almost half a year in Mozambique Africa. Again God has taken me to another level with Him and I have had time to bask in times of prayer knowing that only God would be capable of pulling this situation off.
One short story I will share is this..

Janine and I have three trucks...2 Toyota Surfs and a small white truck maybe a Nissan I can't remember right now. Anyway the little white truck was causing us some problems and it would die on us at the most inconvenient times so we decided to take it into Beria to have our mechanic look at it. Since one of our other trucks was already there and ready to be picked up this sounded like a great idea, take this one in, pick the other one up.

So we take off for Beria and about 10klm out of Dondo the truck starts acting up so I pull over and lift the hood, make a small adjustment to the carburetor and we go on. Then about another 2klm the truck starts jerking again and so I stop again and make an even larger more aggressive adjustment to the carburetor and we go on. Then pretty soon the truck starts acting up again and finally I cannot get the truck to run any more. So we are sitting along a very busy road, and I am under the hood of the truck and a beer truck pulls over and this young man comes up and asks me what the problem is and I tell him I don't speak Portuguese. He says, "What?!? You don' speak Portuguese?" I said, "No" He rolls his eyes and then Janine gets out of the truck and they start speaking Portuguese and trying to figure out a plan to get us to where we are going. Then an older gentleman with white hair gets out of his truck and he tries a few things to get it going. I might add here he did nothing more than what I did but the darn thing started! I think it needed a rest quite frankly. He said, "We will follow you into town to make sure you get to where you are going." So off I went and left him in the dust and we never saw him again. He was our first angel of the day.

On down the road another 5-7klm the truck wanted to die and Janine is telling me...we can't stop here it is too dangerous...keep going..keep going...I don't care what you have to do...keep going. I just flatly told her, "If the truck stops I can't help it." It did, but just for a moment. I was able to get it going again and off we went.
On down the road and at last we are on the outskirts of Beria about ready to make our last turn to go to our mechanics garage. And around the corner we go and you know what happened. The truck stopped and there was no way it was going to start now. It was done and we were sitting in a very busy two lane road and we are stalling traffic and cars and trucks on both sides of the street are honking at me to get a move on it. Janine is praying at this point and I am trying to figure out the next move. All of a sudden a group of about 6-8 young men in their late teens or early twenties came up and started pushing me out of the way of traffic to a safe place. They came to the window and said put the hood up we will fix your truck. At this point I was willing to have anybody fix it! I was laughing because this was funny by now. We were not in a good place and we did not know any of these people so what could I do? I had to laugh because this was a God only situation. We had a large amount of money on us because we were going to pay the mechanic for our other car's work and buy food for the next team that day. So up the hood went and they all drove into it trying their best to fix the problem. In the meantime Janine called our mechanic and he came within about a 15 minute period of time. When he pulled up got out of his truck walked over to our truck all of the young men stepped aside. There is a humbleness given to older people in this culture. Guess that makes me look good here too! Anyway he did something and the truck started again and we drove to the garage. But before we left the young guys we gave them a coin that would buy them some bottled water. They were thankful and so were we. Thankful no one knew how much money we had in our purses! Then at last we drove into the drive of the garage and I jumped out of the truck and ran away from it. I think someone cursed it......not really we found out it had a cracked distributor cap.

At the end of that day we laughed and laughed and were thankful again for the Lord's protection over us. Thank you if you were one who prayed for us that day.