Sunday, February 15, 2009

Ely Pres. church in the country

Today I share with the congregation of a small church in the country outside of Ely, Iowa. These folks were absolutely a delight! There was one woman, her name was Zelda, she played in a band in my past from years ago. Another little older woman, shorter than myself if you can believe that! Mrs. Biderman, the drummer on the MBC worship team, his Mother! The bass player and banjo player from the Bluegrass band I have played with for years. Just a number of really nice folks thanking me for sharing with them my adventures in Africa. Pastor Heather, a warm hearted, easily taken to tears, young woman who has been given a gift of pastoring this flock of believers. I looked at her as she prayed when the service started and prayed that God would annoint her service to Him with the family. Bless them all! They were very generous in their giving to my ministry. My prayer is that they would consider a full time commitment with me in the future. Pray with me on this one as I seek God's leading for this next year to work on the field serving Him in Mozambique.