Saturday, May 7, 2011

3 Days .... 3 Thoughts... 3 Looks

We have arrived safe, of sound mind and healthy! There is something good in everything.. and we can find giving thanks in every situation helps us see beyond what we think is not so good. We had a computer and some cell phones stolen in transit from our bags. Thank You Lord for the things that have made it, primarily our medications for malaria and my crazy pills. Val doesn't like for me to call them crazy pills, so we call them necessary medications. But to tell you the truth, I'm crazy if I don't have them.
Yesterday we went into town and the first thing we saw that struck my attention was the number of funerals. We must have passed 6 or 7 funerals and hundreds of people on the way to the cemetary. I forget when I am in the states the depth of the stench of death here. One of our friends died of malaria recently, a teacher at the pre-school leaving behind a 10 year old boy as an orphan.
The number of beggars here is so overwhelming. The blind, the crippled, the mentally ill, I cry out to God, "Who am I supposed to give to here God?" I saw a woman who had leporsy at the market, should it be her? A small boy with no legs moving around on his hands? Is this the one?
At last God, You have spoken to me...."This boy is the one." A young boy, with the life of Jesus in his eyes, one who I met and spoke last year, with a blind man who could have been his father. I called for Val.... "do you have any coins?" We gave a small offering that was returned with a huge smile and a "thank you mother" in such a sweet sweet voice. I told him, "we will see you another day ok?" We both left each other knowing that God has answered our prayer. He supplied what we both needed for today, to hear His voice.


JEP said...

Glad to hear that you now have your feet on the ground. We leave from here next month to join you (June 13th), be thinking of well locations where we need to be. Looking forward to being with you gals.

Kathryn said...

Happy Mother's Day Kathy!

Anonymous said...

I am so glad to see you made it safe! I miss you already... God bless you for the servant that you are!
See you soon! Love Deda

Nancy C said...

Dear Kathy and Valerie:
Thank you for your update. I read it just before I walked into church to talk about Moz yesterday. I kept choking up, so my dear husband, Chris, filled in and read your email to our congregation. They passed a special offering for me.I am amazed at their compassion and generosity for God's poor for such a small church! Let me know what kind of denominations of notes will work best for supplies or equipment.
By God's grace, will see you both next week!
Nancy A