Thursday, June 9, 2011

The blind leading the blind

There are many ways each day I am humbled by living here working with the Ray of Light Project and Children's Relief International. This week was another profound moment of looking at the conditions of where I live and those who are strong and survive.

At the church plant in Maffarhina we had a distribution of the rice that was donated from the Wooddale church in Minnesota. I may mention it often and you must realize that without this food coming here many many many people would have gone without food this season. The crops have suffered because of the lack of rain and therefore so does the community. I love how God knows exactly how things need to line up, for His people to see His hand in their lives by the Hunger Initiative gift coming at the perfect time.

This distribition was for the blind of this area. I waited and watched as the blind came through the gates to receive their food. 68 names were on the list but many more came to watch first hand the blessing happen. Because the blind recipients really had no idea of what the context of food they would be receiving, many did not bring any kind of bag to retrieve to take home their share. But those who planned ahead with their bags offered to help the others. When a name was called out and there was no reply they would starting calling for that person to rise to attention and be noticed. There were family members to help, neighbors and the blind helping the blind.

I watched as their faces beamed with the light of joy even though their eyes could not see their providers. Their hearts rejoicing at the fact that the devil had lost again and they would indeed have meals for another month. They responded with singing and one elderly woman got up and did her best to dance for the King of blessing.

Many of the blind who came before us were victims of poor nutrition during childhood and of the war. They were full of joy even before their tummy's were full of food. As they all prepared to leave some of the blind were assisting each other in their line to walk out of the gates of the compound.

I never know who is more blessed at the end of the day, those we encounter, me or God. I thank God daily for His plan for me to be here. Thank you to all of you who make this happen in every respect.


Jill T said...

Well said!

beth! said...

Thanks again for sharing sweet Kathy.

Cam and Jill said...

What a sweet time! My heart was crying with joy for those people!

Richard P said...

Kathy, thanks for update. God works in ways we cannot understand at times! Also, I sent you an email asking you a question.